Saturday, 23 August 2008


I started to dive into the world of blogging only recently (in the beginning of 2008, to be more precise) and found it fascinating. There have been a number of bloggers who certainly had some influence and made me want to finally start blogging myself. (I'm going to mention them for sure; as for now, see the respective entry on the right.)
Actually I wanted to write since a long time. Being a pensive person, that's probably what you want, I don't know. You have to unload some of that stuff at times and it might even be entertaining for others. However, so far the real world kept me from writing as I have (and always had) a job which is time and energy consuming. So sitting down at the end of an active but also demanding day and getting started on, say, a short story or something (which would most probably never be published anyway) wasn't very motivating.

And then came the blogs.

Of course they already have been around for a while but only entered my life this year when I started a blog of my own (which is about a very defined project and therefore won't have anything to do with this blog at all). While sometimes pushing on the "Next Blog>" button, I came upon - well, a lot of not very interesting sites, but I also stumbled upon a blog or two that blew me away. And these bloggers mentioned other blogs of matching quality. (Actually the credit of this initiation goes to the writer of the Bean Chronicles - thank you bean-mom!) Soon I realised that there lies a treasure of written thoughts in the virtual that lured me away from sleep and other rather vital occupations.

Next thing, I wanted to be part of this. I wanted to write (and, obviously, to be read - if possible not only by myself). And maybe someone would even post a comment, who knows?

So, this is a trial to contribute my share to the world of blogging. Let's see what's going to be in it...

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